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A Kaleidoscope of Chinese Culture (Deluxe Edition) Authors' team of A Kaleidoscope of Chinese Culture
A Kaleidoscope of Chinese Culture provides abundant and detailed video materials which unveil the charm of Chinese culture, with famous scholars offering penetrating analyses of the cultural points that commonly appear in the education of Chinese as a foreign language. It not only presents a panorama of Chinese culture, but also is a superb resource for foreigners who are learning Chinese. It is highly enjoyable and worth collecting.
This product consists of four albums, each with 5 books, 5 DVDs and 50 bookmarks. It covers 200 most typical cultural items on the following topics: scenic spots and historical sites in China, places in China, underground resources of China, China's great mountains and rivers, Chinese ethnic groups, Chinese food, Chinese festivals, traditional Chinese virtues, Chinese people's life, Confucianism, Buddhism and Taoism, Chinese customs, Chinese history, traditional Chinese medicine, Chinese civilization and arts, Chinese masterpieces, Chinese celebrities, and stories of China. Each cultural item is demonstrated in a three-minute high-definition video. The videos are narrated and captioned in several languages and present beautiful and fascinating contents to view. This product has by now been published in five languages, namely English, Korean, Japanese, German and Russian. The Spanish edition is soon to be published.
The Wisdom of Chinese Characters (Deluxe Edition) Shi Dingguo & Luo Weidong
The Wisdom of Chinese Characters is a series of video products introducing Chinese characters and their culture. Combining video with cartoon, this product demonstrates vividly and interestingly the origin, structures and writing rules of Chinese characters. Analyzing the rules of the relations between the composition of Chinese characters and the nature, human body, architecture, folk customs and philosophy, it reveals the concept of Chinese culture and the way of thinking of Chinese, helping readers understand the composition of Chinese characters as fast as possible and fully stimulating readers' interest in Chinese characters learning. The deluxe edition contains one DVD, which is composed of 10 6-minute episodes, providing four playing methods of Chinese and English commentaries and captions. This edition has a matching color book of 329 pages, which more comprehensively annotates the contents of the DVD, with more examples of Chinese characters, narrative language and illustrations.
China's World Heritage (Deluxe Edition)
China's World Heritage is composed of 8 HD DVDs, one full-color printed book and 38 delicate bookmarks, covering the 38 world heritage sites located in China. The 8 DVDs contain 38 episodes, each of which introduces one world heritage site located in China, lasts about 10 minutes and has dual tracks of Chinese and English and dual captions of Chinese and English for readers to choose freely according to their needs. The matching color book has Chinese and English scripts, over 300 well-chosen fancy pictures and over 100 knowledge links, and systematically, fully and accurately demonstrates the natural secret of the land of China and the essence of traditional Chinese culture with a unique perspective and lively writing methods. The 38 bookmarks cover the typical landscapes of the 38 world heritage sites. The Chinese-English script on the back of each of the bookmarks concisely and vividly writes out the essence of each of the world heritage landscapes.
China's Intangible Cultural Heritage (Deluxe Edition)
China's Intangible Cultural Heritage is in the same series with China's World Heritage, composed of 10 high-definition DVDs and one full-color printed book. It includes 60 carefully selected intangible cultural heritage of China, which are divided into 10 categories, i.e., 10 units. Each unit has 6 cultural items and an independent piece of writing is devoted to each cultural item. Each of the 60 episodes introduces one item of China's intangible cultural heritage, lasting about 6-8 minutes. Narrations and subtitles are provided in both Chinese and English for you to choose at will. With a wide use of modern photographing methods, the videos fully reflect the artistic appeal of the cultural items, making it a pleasure to watch them. The accompanying book, printed in color, includes texts in both Chinese and English, supplemented by over 200 beautiful pictures and more than 100 tips. It focuses on presenting the spiritual world of the Chinese people to the foreigners while highlighting the glamour of the Oriental culture and art.
Exploring Chinese Culture
This is an ideal product for non-native Chinese speakers who are interested in Chinese culture and want to gain a deep understanding of the phenomena behind it. It will lead you into the fascinating treasure-house of Chinese culture to explore its magic and profoundness. It includes a total of 45 episodes, each focusing on a cultural topic with a wide coverage of information and lasting about 6 minutes. It is presented in various forms, such as live shooting, recurrence of scenes, narration of anchorpersons, and demonstration of cartoons, etc. Various cultural phenomena which are hard to be expressed in words are presented through vivid images. Chinese words and sentences related to the topic of the episode are taught at the end of each episode to help students learn Chinese language while understanding the culture. Some topics are also presented with video clips to demonstrate how to make Chinese handicrafts so that viewers can learn to do it while watching the program.
Supplementary Materials Exploring Chinese Culture - A Chinese Reader
  • Aligns with US Standards for Foreign Language Learning in the 21st Century
  • 8 topics and 45 units: Traditional Festivals, Traditional Customs, Chinese Arts, Chinese Folk Arts, Chinese Folk Sports, Chinese Tourism Highlights, Chinese Culture Symbols, Living in China
  • Focuses on the development and change of Chinese traditional culture in contemporary life
China's Folk Customs Authors' team of China's Folk Customs
China's Folk Customs is a product of a national "12th-Five-Year" project of audiovisual and electronic publication. It contains 5 high-definition DVDs, introducing 30 well-chosen Chinese folk customs that foreigners are found interested in using plenty of video images and explicit narrations. Each of the 30 episodes in it talks about one cultural item, lasting about 6 minutes, supported by Chinese and English narrations and captions. The cultural items include festivals and ceremonies, weddings and zodiac animals, kites and lanterns, new year paintings and paper-cuts, and so on, covering various aspects of the popular folk culture.
Stories of the Chinese: Intensive Audiovisual and Reading Course of Intermediate Chinese Yu Ning, Zhang Bin, Chen Xiaoyan
This series of textbooks is adapted from a CCTV documentary program of the same name, including two volumes and altogether 16 lessons.
It tells the stories about more than 20 Chinese people from all walks of life, ranging from taxi driver, retiree and fitness coach to fashion designer, collector and archaeologist, etc. The accompanying DVD videos present the authentic life, work and spirit of modern Chinese people in an audio-visual and lively way. Through an innovative combination of audiovisual and reading materials, the series turns “reading” texts into “watching” texts and integrates Chinese language learning into the learning of China’s conditions and culture, therefore can largely enhance the instructive effect and deepen the students’ understanding of China.
Graded Readers for Chinese Language Learners Chen Xianchun
This series is composed of 50 books, divided into three sub-series: folktales, literary stories and historical stories, corresponding to Levels 1-3 respectively. It enables the readers to gradually improve their reading skills and enhance their understanding of Chinese culture. Level 1 "Folktales" is great for intermediate-level learners.
The “Folktales” includes 10 stories, that is 10 books. Adapted from folk legends, each book was written in 20,000-30,000 Chinese characters. The 10 books are: Hua Mulan, Lady White Snake, The Cow Herder and the Weaver Girl, A Golden Millet Dream, Chang’e Flying to the Moon, The Old Man under the Moon, The Butterfly Lovers, Nie Xiaoqian, Chen Shimei, and Beauty from the Painting.
Chinese Library series Shi Dingguo & Luo Weidong
Chinese Graded Readers of the Chinese Library Series is a set of Chinese graded readers designed for overseas children. These stories, short in length, are vividly told in interesting and simple language and illustrated by beautiful pictures. Fully in view of beginners’ reality, this set of books uses carefully-chosen words to develop the plot and make it possible for children in a confined language environment to enjoy more pleasure in reading and learning Chinese language and the culture it represents. After the story is told, exercises and an extended reading material at the end of each book can be used for reference by students and their teacher. The word list, arranged before the story is told, helps children to understand the story.
Each book is accompanied by a CD-ROM in which the word list, text and an extended reading material are included.
Stories from China series Liu Meiru & Lu Lina
Extensive readers for intermediate/advanced students written by local Chinese language teachers. Four columns available now: history, geography, myths and legends, and traditional festivals.
Meet China series
The Meet China series welcomes you to join in a trip of reading about and meeting China. It will lead you to explore this country, which may be unfamiliar or even mysterious to you.
Hello, China
As the first book in the Meet China series, Hello, China welcomes you to join in the trip of reading and meeting China. Starting now, let’s follow it to explore this country, which may be unfamiliar or even mysterious to you.
In Hello, China, you’ll learn about the evolution of Chinese characters, the actual length of the Great Wall and the methods of cooking Chinese dishes. More importantly, the pictures and texts will take you on a fascinating tour between the freezing north and the tropical south. Who knows, maybe this little book will stir up your enthusiasm for traveling in China.
Chinese History
Starting with Hello, China, the Meet China series welcomes you to join in a trip of reading about and meeting China. It will lead you to explore this country, which may be unfamiliar or even mysterious to you. In Chinese History, you’ll learn why the Chinese people call themselves “descendants of Emperor Yan and the Yellow Emperor” and why the districts inhabited by Chinese people are known as Chinatowns. Most importantly, looking at the pictures and reading the texts, you’ll find yourself traveling through the thousands of years of history. Maybe this little book will arouse your interest in getting to know more about China.
56 Ethnic Groups of China
As the first book in the Meet China series, Hello, China welcomes you to join in the trip of reading and meeting China. Starting now, let’s follow it to explore this country, which may be unfamiliar or even mysterious to you.
In the third book 56 Ethnic Groups of China, you’ll meet the ethnic groups living in different parts of China, see the thousand-year-old terraced farmlands built by the Hanis, hear the longest song in the world sung by the Uygurs, and identify the living pictographs—the Dongba scripts of the Naxi people… These fantastic experiences may tell you why there are 56 ethnic groups in China.