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Phoenix Tree Publishing
Phoenix Tree Publishing, the North America subsidiary of Beijing Language and Culture University Press (BLCUP), is a wholly owned subsidiary of BLCUP. Established in 2011 in Chicago, Phoenix Tree Publishing is the very first of its kind to take root outside of the Chinese-speaking world.
Driven by principles of localization, digitalization, and integration, Phoenix Tree Publishing continually strives towards:
  • Developing new titles tailored towards the North America audience. With a target to establish a comprehensive product line of materials for K-16, we are focusing on publishing materials for the domestic International Chinese Language Education and for spreading Chinese culture in North America.
  • Expanding localized online and offline distribution channel to promote quality products designed by Phoenix Tree Publishing
  • Establishing digital publishing platform and digital learning products to serve a wide range of domestic audiences
  • Developing synergies by incorporating International Education and Professional Development Program and intimately connecting publishers and authors with educational services
After 3 years development, over 1,000 schools and universities have adopted our products across North America.To market and promote our products, a solid collaboration has been developed with 26 online and offline distribution channel, including Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Follett, Ingram, and other industry leaders. Over 120 universities and institutions of higher educations, including University of Chicago, University of Toronto, Northwestern University, and Purdue University, have adopted our products tailed for universities. In addition, our k-12 instructional materials have been evaluated by formal reviews conducted by dozens of states and have been approved for adoption by Georgia, Alaska, Utah, Oklahoma, and many more. In addition, more than 160 international schools and private schools across the country are using our K-12 materials. We also have built partnerships with over 113 Confucius Institutes and Confucius Institute Classrooms in terms of adopting instructional materials and publishing. All of these developments have contributed to the growth and robustness of our expanding distribution network in North America
As of June 2015, Phoenix Tree Publishing has entrenched its leading industry position and has accomplished first-phase goals. Based on relationships and connections we have built, Phoenix Tree Publishing will start the next phase of integrated development with a cornerstone in International education and professional development programs. We are planning for various catering towards a wide variety of audiences, and are actively inviting partners from both either side of the Pacific.