Strategies and Techniques implying Balanced Literacy

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Hining Liu

刘海宁,北卡Wake County学区中文项目资深教师,对外汉语本科,TESOL硕士,先后在中国、韩国、美国三国从事海外汉语教学10年,致力于将PBL、全球教育与沉浸式中文教育相结合,探索沉浸式汉语教育发展方向。


Balanced Literacy理念是沉浸式汉语教学的基础,其目的是为了平衡学科内容和语言教学。什么是Balanced Literacy,应该如何运用Balanced Literacy的理念开展课堂教学呢?本次报告将跟大家介绍Balanced Literacy,以及该理念在北卡沉浸式项目中的运用。希望此次讲座可以抛砖引玉,帮助大家发掘学生的语言潜能,通过语文学习提升学生的学科知识并进一步提高学生的思辨能力。


注:本课程为北语社北美分社“梧桐讲坛”第十六讲丨Balanced Literacy理念在沉浸式汉语教学中的应用策略录像。​

“Immersion teachers tend to focus on subject matter content at the expense of language teaching.”(Cammarata & Tedick, 2012) Do you agree or disagree? Have you wondered like me how can we help students check out a Chinese book from library and enjoy reading by themselves? This workshop will facilitate the discussion about Balanced Literacy and strategies to plan literacy lessons that include both content goals and language goals. 


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