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Job Title: Graphic Designer

Job ID#: GD0220

Employer: Phoenix Tree Publishing Inc.

Worksite: 5660 N Jersey Ave, Chicago, IL 60659


  • Collaborate with authors and chief-editors to design the art styles, concept and basic layout for possible publications, estimate the graphic designing and printing budget that meets every party’s needs, set task deadlines and workflows for publishing projects.

  • Create visual content for the publication’s illustration, cover, etc. using Adobe Suite, SAI, Sketch.

  • Responsible for the designing process and set up progress report meetings with authors and teams.

  • Review and proofread graphic drafts.

  • Meet with marketing, sales, academic teams to report the current process and adjust the draft plan and the schedule based on the feedback from other teams.

  • Coordinate with contractor designers and review their work.

  • Attend publisher and educational conventions to promote and create new cooperating opportunities.

  • Design and edit graphic contents for publication and language learning materials.


  • Master’s Degree in Fine Arts, Arts-management, Graphic Design, or related field.

  • Knowledge of Adobe Photoshop, Sketch, Adobe Illustrator, Adobe InDesign, and SAI.

To apply, mail CV with Job ID#: GD0220 to Wanchao Chen, 5660 N Jersey Ave, Chicago, IL 60659.

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