Lake Forest School District 2020 China Trip

The 2020 Educational trip to China represents a series of opportunities for Lake Forest School District students to travel internationally with school faculty, within a unique and impactful historical and cultural experience.

This travel program provides a unique perspective for students and faculty to broaden their global awareness, build relationships, practice Chinese language skills, and apply knowledge beyond the confines of the classroom or campus. Travel also promotes critical thinking, self-awareness, independence, confidence, curiosity, adaptability, cooperation, and ethical leadership. Most importantly, we believe that educational travel has the unique ability to erode ethnocentric perceptions, reveal the common human condition, and strengthen universal similarities. These skills are crucial to cross-cultural collaboration and contribute to the development of empathetic global citizens while sharing and demonstrating the values of students within an increasingly interconnected global community.


Duration:             06/14/2020-06/28/2020 (15 days)

Cities:                   Beijing, Xi’an, Chengdu, Shanghai & Wenling


  • Unique education trip to embrace classic Chinese culture and scenery spots

  • Taste incredible Chinese cuisines to excite your taste buds

  • Sister school visit to meet Chinese friends and experience local classroom

  • Celebrate your academic achievements while fostering more global awareness

  • Fun getaway with close friends and build relationship with families


Fee:                       $3500 base fee (plus $8 per day per person)

Payment Schedule:



Remaining Due

(including 15 days tips)

Full visa fee (if applied)

Panda volunteer (if applied)






Due Date

January 30, 2020

February 28, 2020

February 28, 2020

February 28, 2020

Check Information:

All checks are made payable to:

Phoenix Tree Publishing, Inc.

Memo: China Trip + (participant’s name)

Mailing address: 5660 North Jersey Avenue, Chicago, IL 60659

Attn: Sara Sheng


Info Meeting:       January 21, 2020 on campus

Trip details, cancellation, insurance and more:

2020 Summer China Trip Proposal
Enrollment sheet
(all participants must email the signed Enrollment sheet to


Sara Sheng

773.250.0707 extension 104

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