Beautiful first information books showcase the marvels of the world using transparent acetate pages that life, revealing a related illustration underneath: the skeleton inside a bird, the seeds and stones inside fruit, the bare winter tree that will come of a green tree. The illustrations help young readers understand the world around them and discover how it changes. Each book comes with a press-out "magnifying glass" of sturdy paper which, when moved between the book's see-through acetate pages and the black pages beneath, brightens and reveals hidden details of the various topics-the mosquito in the pond, the squid in the ocean depths, and the hummingbird in the rainforest. Children are allowed to discover more about animal life in various familiar habitats by exploring the stunning illustrations in the dark pages of the book, with accompanying text giving scientific detail. The back of the book features a slot for the magnifying glass's safekeeping. Astronomy and Geography Category includes seven books, introducing The DesertThe Topography and LandformsVolcanoLightMoonEarth, and Earth and Sky


Book Titles:
The Desert 沙漠
The Topography and Landform 地形和地貌
Volcano 火山
Light 光线
Moon 月球
Earth 地球
Earth and Sky 天空和地面

First Discovery Series - Astronomy and Geography

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