New Concept Chinese, a series of Chinese textbooks for adults, is suitable for both self-teaching and classroom teaching. Observing the principle of “making Chinese easier to learn”, this series presents practical, concise and interesting teaching materials and employs easy, flexible and effective teaching methods so that students and teachers could learn and teach Chinese in a convenient and effective way. 
The whole series includes Textbooks, Workbooks, Chinese Character Workbooks and Teacher’s Books.

This is Textbook 2 in the series, suitable for adults who have finished studying New Concept Chinese 1 or have attained the equivalent Chinese proficiency. It has 20 units altogether, each with two lessons. It teaches over 400 Chinese words frequently used in conversation, more than 300 Chinese characters and about 40 grammar points, encompassing the most common topics foreigners may encounter in their study, life and work, for instance, travel, etiquette and conventions, job hunting, apartment renting, and plan making, etc. Upon finishing this volume, students’ Chinese proficiency will reach a level equivalent to the New HSK Level 3.

New Concept Chinese Textbook 2

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