Advanced following Lower Advanced of Road to Success,  provides the advanced comprehensive Chinese texts. 

This book has rich materials. Its genres include novels, prose, travel notes, documentary novels, news reports, political comments, speeches, interviews, papers etc. It mainly focuses on advanced Chinese language study and integrates Chinese culture with language study. It consists of 2 volumes, each of which has 6 lessons. Every lesson includes seven parts: "Background Reading and Practice", "Text", "Word Explanation and Practice", "Grammar Explanation and Practice", "Rhetoric Guide and Practice", "Expression and Writing" and "Extended Space". 
This is the second volume of Advanced. Its contents include "Historical sites today, Philosophical issues, Westlake culture,A Glimpse of West China, Sustainable Development, My Old Home written by Lu Xun" etc. After learning this book, the students can learn over 500 new words, 29 key words, 24 sets of synonym discriminations. They can also learn knowledge in various aspects such as writing and rhetoric, the writing development methods and the relationship between language style and writing. 
An accompanying MP3 has recording of all the texts.

Road to Success: Advanced vol.2

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