Supporting Video for the Teaching Scenes in 360 Standard Sentences in Chinese Conversations 1(With a U Disk) is based on the situational dialogues in 360 Standard Sentences in Chinese Conversations. It was shot on the spot and records the real sound of the scenes, which is for either classroom use or for self-study. This product is composed of four volumes, or 68 video clips, and is performed by David, Nishida, Siqi, Xueli, Matthew, and other well-known international students, as well as teachers and students from Chinese colleges and universities. Their performance is natural, vivid, and humorous, which can effectively enhance students’ interest in studying Chinese.


Level-1 Interface: Click to select the texts from Unit 1 to Unit 8. The title of each unit is equipped withpinyin, Chinese characters and English translation.

Level-2 Interface: Click to select each text in each unit. Each text is provided with English tips for the scene and the picture, which makes students clear at once.

Level-3 Interface: Click to select different subtitles. The scenario video is provided with Chinese subtitles, and Chinese characters + pinyin + English subtitles. Students can also choose the version without subtitles to practice their listening comprehension. Besides these, they can drag the video progress bar to the time they are interested in.

Supporting Video in 360 Standard Sentences in Chinese Conversations 1

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