The movie FAREWELL MY CONCUBINE won the Golden Palm Award for best movies in the 46th Cannes Film Festival. It explores Chinese traditional culture, observes and meditates on the state of living and human nature, and reproduces Chinese history in half century with the touching stories of the characters, so it is a good learning material for intermediate and advanced TCFL audio-visual classes.

This book selects 8 excerpts from the movie, adds detailed historical, cultural and language annotations and provides diversified exercises based on the audio-visual materials. The accompanying DVD contains 2 versions of the movie: a complete version to be watched for appreciation, and a reedited version for use in the classroom.

The book is best suited for learners of Chinese with a vocabulary of 3000 words, and can be used for class as well as for self study.

Watching the Movie and Learning Chinese: Farewell My Concubine(with 1 DVD)

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