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Chinese Traditional Culture Lesson

"Chinese Traditon Culture Lesson" is a culture enrichment program, developed by Beijing Language and Culutre University Press, Chicago Public Schools, Confucius Institute in Chicago in 2019. Our goal is to provide opportunities for students to experience and explore Chinese culture, traditions, and history through storytelling, art, music, and classroom activities.

In 2019, we have visited 12 public schools, 36 classes in Chicago, and more than 680 students, from pre-k to high school, have participated in our classes.



Our Current Classes

The Chinese New Year - The Story of Nian Monster 《春节——年的故事》 

Introducing the most important Chinese festival----Spring Festival (Chinese New Year)! What do Chinese do to celebrate Chinese New Year? What is the lucky color for Chinese New Year? What is Nian Monster? In this class, we will learn the story on the origin of the Chinese New Year and make our own New Year decorations!

The Mid-Autumn Festival - The Moon Goddess Chang'e 《中秋节——嫦娥的故事》

Chang'e is one of the most famous mythological figures who lives on the moon. But why she lives on the moon? It all starts with a legend...... The Mid-Autumn Festival represents family in Chinese cluture and in this class, we will learn the story of Chang'e and the Mid-Autumn Festival.

The Duanwu Festival - Qu Yuan 《端午节——屈原的故事》

Qu Yuan was a famous minister and poet in Chinese history, and he was very loyal to his king and his country. The Dunwu Festival originally was to commemorate Qu Yuan and his loyalty. Through this class, we will learn the story of Qu Yuan and the traditions of the Duanwu Festival.

Upcoming Classes

Chinese Festivals:

The Chongyang Festival - The River Monster 《重阳节——河妖的故事》

The Qixi Festival - The Cowherd and the Weaver Girl 《七夕节——牛郎织女的故事》

Chinese Fairytales:

The foolish old man, who removed the mountains 《愚公移山》

Blessing in disguise 《塞翁失马》

The Fox and the Tiger 《狐假虎威》

Drawing a snake and adding feet to It《画蛇添足》

A frog in a well 《井底之蛙》

Mao Sui recommending himself《毛遂自荐》

Ye Gong Is fond of Dragons《叶公好龙》

Cutting a mark on the boat to find the sword《刻舟求剑》

Better late than never 《亡羊补牢》

Wait for windfalls 《守株待兔》

Deceive oneself 《掩耳盗铃》

Chinese Myths:

The Giant Kuafu Chases the Sun 《夸父逐日》

Goddess Nuwa Patches up the Sky 《女娲补天》

Houyi shooting the suns 《后羿射日》

Jingwei Fills up the Sea 《精卫填海》

Nezha and the Dragon King《哪吒闹海》

The Monkey King and Havoc in Heaven 《大闹天宫》

Shennong tasted hundreds of herbs 《神农尝百草》

Our Services

For each class, we provide:

  • Professional Chinese teacher to host the class

  • Customizable teaching syllabus for your students 

  • Theme teaching slideshow with cartoons and videos

  • 1-2 classroom activities and games

  • Word cards/flash cards

  • Chinese traditional gifts

In our program, we believe that every school, every class, every student is different. Therefore, we will customize the classes to meet your students' needs. However, we suggest

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