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Are you still confused where you can buy  Brand new Graded Chinese Readers? 

Do you know Scholastic English Book Club?  

Will you give your kids the best Chinese bilingual readers as holiday gifts? 


My Little Phoenix Tree

Join our PIONEER program, "China Bookshelf-My Little Chinese Phoenix Tree" Reading Club, the most popular program for providing Chinese bestsellers to enrich Chinese reading and understanding skills. 

"My Little Phoenix Tree" is the first event of "China Bookshelf ". It is a catalog that focuses on Pre K-12 readings and contains more than 350 the latest best-sell Pre K-12 Graded Chinese readings. And we will offer an amazing discount for teachers and parents who join our program. 


Pre K - 2


Grade 3 - 5


Grade 6 - 8


Grade 9 - 12

Please contact our Sales Managers if you have any questions.

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