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How to use BLCUP eBook for PC (For Windows PC only now)

  • 第一步:在线订购电子书

  • Step1: Make payment for this eBook online.


  • 第二步:付款成功后,下载并安装WINDOWS版电子书阅读器flipviewer(如已安装请忽略第二步)以及电子书OPZ文件

  • Step2: Enter "User center (Your BLCUP ID)"--"My eBooks"-- Download and install Windows eBook Reader (flipviewer) on your PC (if you have not installed it before or ignore Step 2 if you've already installed flipviewer).

  • 第三步:安装完flipviewer后,打开OPZ电子书文件,联网输入订阅标识即可阅读电子书。

  • Step3: After installing flipviewer, click the OPZ eBook file and input Subscription ID online to open the OPZ file.

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