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HSK & YCT Online Chinese Test (Home Edition) Information

Due to the current COVID-19 pandemic situation, Hanban Test Headquarters have decided to launch the Online Chinese Test (Home Edition) to help North American students complete HSK and YCT exams at home with remote monitoring. 

Phoenix Tree Test Center (code: 4321301) has been approved to offer the Online Chinese Test by Hanban Test Headquarters. We are happy to provide the Online Chinese Test to meet students’ and professionals’ urgent needs.


Test Information





1st Test Date:
March 11, 2023
(Registration and payment due by February 11, 2023

YCT Level 1, 2, 3, 4        —— 9:00 AM Central Time
HSK Level 1, 3, 5            —— 1:30 PM Central Time
HSK Level 2, 4, 6            —— 9:00 AM Central Time

选择二 :



2nd Test Date:
May 20, 2023
(Registration and payment due by Apirl 20, 2023)

YCT Level 1, 2, 3, 4        —— 9:00 AM Central Time

HSK Level 1, 3, 5            —— 1:30 PM Central Time

HSK Level 2, 4, 6            —— 9:00 AM Central Time


Online Chinese Test (Home Edition) Requirements



1. 必须有符合考试要求的计算机设备及相关网络、软件配置。
2. 必须有一个满足考试环节要求的房间。
3. 了解并同意接受居家汉语考试规则:
4. 在我考点完成注册报名,获得以上考试日期准考证。




Application must:

Only applicants meeting the following requirements are allowed to take HSK & YCT Online Chinese Test (Home Edition). Missing any requirements will result in a test failure. 

1.    Access to a computer with up-to-date software and internet access.
2.    Access to a room that meets home exam requirements.
3.    Adherence to HSK exam rules:
4.    Register the test via Phoenix Tree Test Center and obtain an admission ticket for one of the above test dates.


1. No refund will be honored due to the candidate's personal, equipment, or network issues after registration and payment.
2. On test date, any delays due to personal, equipment,or network issues will not qualify as extenuating circumstances. No canceling/adjusting test date or refund test fee will be honored.


  • 电脑: Windows(7/8/10)操作系统(不接受苹果Mac电脑考试),屏幕分辨率建议设置 1440*900 以上(最低设置 1366*768 以上)

  • 浏览器: Google Chrome(版本 66.0 及以上)

  • 网络: 网速 200KB/s 及以上

  • 摄像头: 高清,房间光线充足,摄像清楚

  • 耳机: 放音清楚,隔音效果好

  • 考试环境:考试应在安全、封闭、无干扰的房间中独立进行,禁止在公园、网吧、餐厅等开放场所 进行。电脑、键盘等考试用品必须放在桌面上,考试过程中房间禁止他人出入,考场内不能有任何考试 禁止物品出现

  • 考试用电脑设备不允许使用任何蓝牙设备,请确保关闭所有蓝牙设备后运行考试软件



1.居家汉语考试不能使用稿纸笔记,考试期间禁用纸张、电子设备等一切物品抄写记录试题; 如考点监考官在考试过程中发现作弊或上述违规行为,有权向汉考国际报告行为。

2. 为保障考试运营安全,汉考国际及我考点可能需要向考生收集考试相关信息,包括:姓名、照片、证件信息及考试期间监控音视频记录等。我们只会在法律允许的范围内以及为汉考国际合法业务目的(例如维护考试安全性)所需时收集和使用这些类型的个人信息。



Equipment and Test Environment Requirements


Before registering for the exam, the applicant must confirm that his/her computer, software configuration, network, and room meet exam requirements:

  • Computer: Windows (7/8/10) operating system (no Mac system, sorry)

  • Browser: Google Chrome (version 66.0 and above). It’s recommended to set the screen resolution to 1440*900 and above, the minimum setting is 1366*768 and above.

  • Network: Internet speed 100KB / s and above.

  • Camera: HD. The room should also be well-lit and the camera unobstructed.

  • Headphones: clear with good sound insulation.

  • Examination environment: The exam should be taken in a closed room where no one will disturb you. It is forbidden to take the exam in public areas such as parks, internet cafes, restaurants, etc. Computers and keyboards must be placed on a desk or table. No one else is allowed to enter or leave the room during the exam. There must not be any prohibited items in the exam room.

  • Bluetooth device is NOT allowed for the online home test. Please make sure you have disconnected ALL bluetooth device from your windows device before launching the test software.


Please Note:

1. Paper cannot be used during the Online Chinese Test (Home Edition). Copying and recording any part of the exam with electronic equipment is also prohibited. Phoenix Tree Test Center reserves the right to report cheating or any violation during test monitoring.


2. Phoenix Tree Test Center may need to collect test-related information from applicants, including name, photo, valid ID, audio, and video records taken during the exam. Phoenix Tree Test Center and Hanban Test Headquarters will only use personal information permitted by law, for purposes such as maintaining exam security.


How to Enroll:


Option 1 (recommend for individual enrollment)


  1. 前往汉语考试服务网,注册考生考试账号(如下图红圈处所示)。如考生曾注册过考试账号,请登入账号后跳转到第4步继续注册。

Step1: Register yourself a test taker account via (show as below).  If you previously registered the account, then login your account and follow Step 4.


2. 阅读并同意《汉考国际注册协议》后,按考生情况如实填写考生信息(请务必注意正确填写信息,免错误信息将影响后续考试及成绩报告)。

Step 2: Read and agree the regulation and then fill in test taker’s information (any error may result in test or report failure)


3.    注册成功后,点击进入“现在注册“(Register Now)。

Step 3: Click Register Now after filling in personal information.


4.    根据考生意愿及能力报考相应的HSK/YCT考试。

Step 4: Select your preferred HSK or YCT test.


5.     按下图所示,选择美洲-- 美国 -- 居家网考考试 (Online Chinese Test Home Edition) – Phoenix Tree Test Center考点 – 考试日期(注意居家网考日期为2021-09-25,或2021-10-30或2021-12-11,其余为纸笔考试日期),并按要求填写额外注册信息及报名照后报名注册。考点负责人将根据您提供的手机联系号码及邮箱尽快与您联系确认最终考试时间并完成支付考试费用。请注意,如需报名参加纸笔考试的考生,请选择Paper-based Test并注意报选非居家网考考试日期。

Step 5: Select (America) —  (U.S.A) – (Online Chinese Test Home Edition) – (Phoenix Tree Test Center) – Select Test Date (2021-03-13,2021-04-24,or 2021-06-05; all other date options are for paper-based exams). Next, fill in additional test taker’s information and upload the bio-shot picture to complete the registration. Our test admin will contact you via email and/or phone number to confirm final test date and proceed with payment soon. Please note for those who wish to attend the in-person paper-based exams, please choose test format as Paper-based Test, and select all other dates options. 



Option 2: (recommend for school group enrollment)



Please download and complete the Registration Form (Excel file below). Only governmental photo ID is acceptable including state ID, resident ID, passport, or driving license). Send your Registration Form and a color bio head-shot photo (jpg format, size between 80-150K) and to our HSK Test Program Manager.

Our test admin will contact you via email and/or phone number to confirm test and proceed with payment soon.

HSK & YCT Test

Program Manager

Jim Kang


Tel: 773-250-0707 ext. 108


Test Application Download & Installation and Admission Ticket

考生完成报名后,并已交纳考试费用后,可以在考前 3 天登录到汉语考试服务网上查询/打印准考证,根据准考证确认个人信息,如姓名、国籍、性别、证件类型和号码等,和考试信息,包括考试科目、考 试时间、考点名称、考场须知等。考试前1天,考点负责人将把考生考试密码发给各考生。

Candidates can log in to the test website ( to query/print the admission ticket three days before the exam. Confirm your information on the admission ticket, such as name, nationality, gender, certificate number, and exam information, including exam supplies, test time, test center name, test center instructions, etc. Candidates will receive testing password from our test center one day before the exam.








1. 电脑上仅允许单个显示器,若外接其它多个显示器,考试客户端将无法打开。


2. 如按上述安装方法点击打开考试软件,需要下载下方客户端依赖文件后打开考试软件。



Microsoft .Net Framework v4.5.2:     click here

Microsoft visual C++ 2015 Redistributable: click here

 All HSK and YCT candidates must download Testing Application in advance and attend test via Testing Application.

Testing Application download from:


Test Application Installation Instructions:

How to quit Testing Application: 1)Alt+F4, or 2)  click quit button on the right down corner of the software and or key in the password: quit


1. The Application will NOT be launched with multiple/extended monitors.


2. Some old computer may need extra 2 Microsoft dependency files to launch the test Application correctly. If you can't open the HSKExamClient.exe file, you will have to download and install the dependency files. Please use the following links for download and installation.


Dependency Files

Microsoft .Net Framework v4.5.2:     click here

Microsoft visual C++ 2015 Redistributable: click here


Preparation before the test


入场时间:考前 60 分钟可以登录系统准备考试。最晚请在考前30分钟登录,如因考生个人、设备、网络原因迟到,不再补时、补考。 


设备和环境检测:1. 摄像头检查, 2. 耳机等放音设备检查, 3. 网络检查, 4.阅读并同意考试规则, 5.进入考试输入准考证号、密码进入考试倒计时。


注意:考试当天被判定证件不合格的考生,不能入场考试。携带禁止物品的考生,入场时须将手机、MP3 等关闭,所有禁止物品放在书包内,并将书包放在主、监考指定的地方。 

Admission time: candidates can log in to the system up to 60 minutes before the exam starts. Please log in no later than 30 minutes before the start time. Personal, equipment, or network issues leading to lateness will not qualify as extenuating circumstances. 

Login to the examination system: Open URL: (to be shared in due course).

Equipment and environment testing: 1. Camera, 2. Headphones, 3. Network, 4. Read and agree on the exam rules, 5. Enter the exam by typing in the admission ticket number and password – a countdown will begin

Please Note: Candidates who are judged to be unqualified on the test day cannot take the test. Candidates are required to turn off the mobile phones, MP3s, etc. and have no access to any prohibited items during the exam. For all emergencies caused by the test organizer, such as when encountering a web page technical problem, students can use their mobile phone or email to contact the test supervisor. 

During the exam



Exam discipline: All listed regulations on "Administrative Measures on Violation of HSK Chinese Examination Regulations" are applicable to the Online Chinese Test (Home Edition), Hanban Test Headquarter, and Nottingham Confucius Institute maintain rights of accountability after the test.

Missing the exam: If the candidate fails to take or complete the exam on the test day due to reasons not caused by the test organizer, the responsibility shall be borne by the candidate. The test fee will not be refunded.


Exam results

考试成绩查询及成绩报告获取: 考试成绩在考后 10 天公布,考生可自行登录汉语考试服务官网(,输入准考证号码和姓名查询成绩。


Check Test Score and Print Certificate: candidates will be responsible for checking and printing their own score and certificate via Hanban official website ( The test results will be available in 10 days after the test. 

An electronic score certificate (no hard copy certificate) is provided for the home edition online exam. Candidate can use their registered name and admission ticket number to locate their electronic score certificate from the website. Please note that only one free print is allowed. If candidates need more hard copy certificates, they can login their registered account and request an extra paper certificate. The candidates are responsible for extra certification fee and mailing fee.

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