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This book is a product of the COVID-19 global crisis, which has brought awareness and urgency to the pressing need for teacher development of effective principles and strategies for online language teaching. Fortified by and grounded in solid research-informed practice and empirical data, it features a coherent and seamless sequence of eight chapters in light of research findings and pedagogical reflections. Chapter 1 introduces a model program for online Chinese language learning, funded by a US STARTALK grant. It highlights the design and structure of the program, well-tested learning outcomes, learners’ testimonials, and after-program reflections and recommendations. Chapter 2 provides an overview of delivery modes for online teaching essentials, an analysis of three types of interaction in each delivery mode, and explanations of the elements contributing to online interaction. Chapter 3 summarizes effective principles and strategies for successful online teaching with supporting evidence and includes useful examples to illustrate best practices. Chapters 4 and 5 offer detailed and colorful illustrations of student-centered communicative tasks that are implemented synchronously and asynchronously in online teaching. Chapter 6 introduces a list of technology resources, applications, and tools with high relevancy to the realization of pedagogical objectives introduced in chapters 4 and 5. Chapter 7 lists ten essentials for creating a successful online language course. It emphasizes practicality, applicability, and user-friendliness for online language teachers. To conclude, chapter 8 compiles fifteen frequently asked questions that language teachers have pondered since the emergence of online language teaching and learning; building on the practical guidance offered in the earlier chapters, the answers to these questions should set many teachers’ minds at ease.



Teach Chinese Online: An Essential Guide

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