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The second volume of the Handbook of Tasks and Rubrics for Teaching Mandarin Chinese extends the handbook's scope and depth beyond novice learners and individual tasks. This volume enables teachers to empower intermediate and advanced-low learners by immersing them in active, task-based learning and interactive communication. It includes a wide array of authentic materials and a series of pedagogical and authentic tasks featuring different degrees of authenticity, as well as task-specific rubrics and clear implementation procedures and guidelines. The tasks are created for Pre-AP and AP Chinese in high schools and the equivalent at the college level. They are organized into thirteen instructional units, which are grouped into three themes that align with the AP curricular framework: families and communities, personal and public identities, and beauty and aesthetics. Each unit is estimated to be taught in one to two weeks, and all materials are ready to use in class. To prepare teachers to appropriately use and implement the tasks and rubrics before, during, and after class, the volume includes a chapter on guiding principles for task implementation. An electronic version of the book and QR codes for downloading authentic materials, handouts, rubrics, and other materials are also available. In combination with the first and third volumes, the second volume embraces a complete set of tasks and rubrics critically needed in novice, intermediate, and advanced-low Chinese language courses.





A Handbook of Tasks and Rubrics for Teaching Mandarin Chinese (Volume 2)

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