This is the first volume of A Series on Chinese Culture—Scenic Areas, a multilingual program for the international popularization of Chinese language based in Dalian University of Foreign Languages.


It introduces 12 scenic areas, namely the Great Wall, the Imperial Palace, the Summer Palace, Tianjin Ancient Culture Street, the Mountain Resort, the Gardens of Suzhou, the West Lake, Mount Huang, Rammed-earth Buildings, Mount Lu, Mount Tai and Qufu.


Besides making a simple introduction to each scenic area, each essay also tells an interesting myth, legend or historical story, for example, Meng Jiangnu Weeps over the Great Wall, Queen Weng and the Pavilion of Buddhist Fragrance of the Summer Palace, the Legend of the White Snake, the Story of Li Bai and the “Blooming Peak” , the Legend of the Five Old Men on Mount Lu, the Story about the Polygonum Multiflorum on Mount Tai and the Tearing Tablet in Qufu’s Temple of Confucius, etc.

A Series on Chinese Culture: Scenic Areas 1

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