This brand-new manual prepares students for a subject that has just been added to the Advanced Placement program. Separate sections review all parts of the new exam: Listening, Reading, Writing, Grammar, Speaking, and Culture. Each section also includes exercises, and the listening and reading sections include practice questions with answer keys and answer explanations. The book reflects the AP exam’s standards, presenting questions in both traditional and simplified Chinese characters. Two full-length practice exams are presented with answer keys. Enclosed with the manual are three audio compact discs, which present spoken material covering the exam’s Listening, Writing, and Speaking sections.

  • Two full-length practice exams with Listening, Writing, and Speaking sections on the enclosed audio CDs
  • All practice tests come with answer keys
  • Extensive subject review
  • Questions presented in both Traditional and Simplified Chinese characters

Barron's AP Chinese Language and Culture with MP3 CD, 2nd Edition

SKU: 9781438073880
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