This book is especially designed for students who will take teaching Chinese as a foreign language as profession and also for young teachers who are engaged in TCFL as reference book for teaching. This book is the crystallization of Prof. Yang Huiyuan’s 30 years’ experience in TCFL. It pays equal emphasis to theory and practice. The book is written in both spoken and written languages with flexible syntax and smooth in meaning.It consists of 18 chapters. The first 4 chapters mainly introduces theories, including the characteristics of language teaching and especially TCFL, factors affecting the quality of teaching and teachers’ instructional awareness in classroom. The latter 14 chapters gives priority to teaching practice, respectively introducing and analyzing teachers’ teaching behaviors during the whole teaching process and methods of teaching different types of courses. The last chapter specializes in classroom teaching evaluation. Some teaching memoirs and teaching plans are provided in the appendices.

    Chinese as a Foreign Language Majors: Classroom Teaching Theories and Practice

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