In the United States, Chinese as a world language in the K-12 classroom is an emerging, fast-growing and ever-changingphenomenon. Students of Chinese language are a verydiverse population with regard to age, grade levels, needs,language  backgrounds  and  learning  styles.  Instructionalconditions vary in terms of class size, contact hours, intensityof instruction and the availability of equipment and materials,etc. Professional development for teacher preparation andtraining is  inadequate. This book is designed to facilitateteaching. It aims at reflecting and encouraging  a  breakfrom traditional practice by combining language materials,teaching references, and instructional design into a singleseries for easy, quick and solid practical use. This bookendeavors to face two essential questions for a teacher of K-12world language: What do I teach in a K-12 world languageclassroom? How do I teach in a K-12 world language classroom? Both the simplified and traditional Chinese Editions are available.

Chinese Essentials: What and How (Vol.2)

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