This box of picture cards belongs to the Chinese Handbook series. It includes carefully selected short sentences expressing the basic needs in daily life and expansion expressions annotated with pinyin, English translation and situational illustrations. Practical information such as the emergence call numbers, scenic spots, etc. can also be found. It is suitable for the Chinese beginners coming to China for a short stay to study on their own or to meet an emergency need. 

The cards are of loose-leaf format, with a metal ring that enables the convenient carrying of any number of cards as one likes.

Each box includes: 
◇200 picture cards; 
◇A MP3 CD; 
◇A metal ring

The features of this series: 
◇tailored to foreigners going to China for a short stay
◇well-chosen short sentences expressing the basic needs in daily life
◇color illustrations help the understanding of the sentences
◇practical information such as emergency phone rumbers, etc.
◇suitable for self-study, as well as self-help
◇a metal ring enabling the convenient carry of all the cards or individual card

Chinese Handbooks: Go to China with 200 Phrase Cards with 1CD(MP3)

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