Abundant in materials, this is an audio-visual product for Chinese language instruction, which can not only provide Chinese language teachers with video resources, but also serve as a self-teaching material for learners.

  •         The subjects and language materials cover virtually all the communicative functions, situations and topics that appear in commonly used Chinese textbooks at the present time.
  •        The difficulty of vocabulary, grammar items and linguistic functions was decided on the basis of learners’ actual levels of language proficiency.
  •         The situational dialogues were performed by professional actors and actresses and were shot on the spot in order to ensure the authenticity of the language, context and culture.
  •         All the sections of the video can be played individually to facilitate teachers’ operation in class; subtitles are made available in both traditional and simplified Chinese characters; and a printed booklet is provided, containing all the video transcripts.
  •        Transcripts, vocabulary lists and quiz questions are provided on the associated website http://cvc.myechinese.com for users to download.
  • The beginning level of this product includes 3 DVDs, with altogether 20 topics and 116 situational dialogues.

Chinese Language Video for the Classroom (Beginning Level)

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