Chinese Now! is compiled for the Chinese immersion teaching of American primary schools. Other types of primary schools can also use it selectively for their Chinese teaching.   

The characteristics of this series of textbooks:


1. It is suitable for the general curriculum of the immersion teaching for primary Chinese, namely, half immersion of Chinese teaching, 5 days per week and 1 to 1.5 hours per day.


2. It is suitable for the characteristics of primary Chinese immersion teaching, following the general rule of foreign language learning and the characteristics of Chinese learning, and combining implicit learning and explicit learning, namely presenting in the form of stories, narration, and pictures description. Besides, it also includes the learning of implicit language elements (voice, vocabulary, grammar and character) and the training of communicative ability.


3. It is suitable for the practical situation of teaching, helping students learn Chinese through stories, activities, and games, ensuring that students have enough listening, speaking, reading, and writing activities. It can help students accumulate Chinese characters solidly, improve the ability to listen, speak, read, and write steadily, and avoid stagnation in a certain stage caused by weak base of Chinese.


4. It aims to solve the problems about Chinese characters learning and the development of reading ability. In this series of textbooks, there are abundant Chinese character contents for helping students understand and remember Chinese characters through games, activities, and characters that can reflect their basic rules. These Chinese characters will appear repeatedly in different sections and situations to help students remember and accumulate. In addition, students can improve their ability to recognize and read Chinese characters through a lot of reading practice.


5. It can provide abundant teaching materials for teachers. Besides texts, this series of textbooks also provide rich Chinese teaching materials and suggestions about teaching and activities, such as comprehension questions, vocabulary exercises, pattern drill, Chinese characters exercises, classifying vocabulary, verses, and ballads. All these can greatly save teachers’ time and provide some teaching instructions for novice teachers.

Chinese Now! (Grade 2) (Workbook)

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