This book studies the development of Chinese teaching in the United States and introduces the 140-year development of Chinese teaching in this country from a diachronic perspective. Through on-the-spot investigation and data collection, it makes an in-depth analysis of the teaching situation of the Chinese departments at ten typical American universities and five typical American Chinese programs in China from a synchronic perspective. It not only provides readers with realistic and evidence-based information on the teaching situation of Chinese language in the United States, but also introduces the policies and measures taken by the Chinese and American governments to promote Chinese teaching, which helps readers to understand the influence of the governments in promoting Chinese teaching from a macro perspective.  On this basis, the book analyzes and predicts the future development trend of Chinese teaching in the United States, which will provide detailed data and information for experts and scholars studying Chinese teaching in the United States.

Chinese Teaching in America: An Analysis of Its Past, Present and Future

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