Developing Chinese (2nd Edition), a set of Higher Education Textbooks for the National 11th Five-Year Plan with a total of 28 volumes (or 34 books), endeavors for perfection based on the framework of its original edition and keeps pace with the times.


This book consists of a total of 15 lessons, among which Lesson 8 and Lesson 15 are review lessons with 7 passages in each and 5 passages in each of the rest lessons. This book develops the  writing concepts of the first edition, highlighting the respect of students’ reading habits in daily life. In each lesson, four approaches to reading, i.e., reading in detail, reading through, skimming and scanning, are adopted to develop students’ reading skills. The selected passages use lively language data from newspapers, books and the Internet. The content is updated and practical and the exercise types are rich in variety. After learning this book, students can not only rapidly improve their ability to read Chinese articles in written form and style, but also experience and get to know the lively and real China in the contemporary times.

Developing Chinese: Advanced Reading Course (2nd Ed.) Vol. 1

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