This is the traditional Chinese characters version of Book 5 of Easy Steps to Chinese, a series of Chinese textbooks for middle school students who are non-native speakers of Chinese. The book is full-color printed and includes an MP3 CD. 
The book is composed of five units, each with three lessons, encompassing such everyday topics as “family, hobbies, making friends”, “climate, booking air tickets, shopping”, “learning Chinese, summer jobs, parties”, “diets, accidents, being a social worker”, “China, Spring Festival, New Year’s Eve dinner”. Each lesson has two texts, which were written based on what middle school students think and feel in their real life. The texts are supplemented by simple explanations of grammar points and a variety of exercises including listening exercises, grammar exercises, exercises on dictionary skills, oral report, role-play, group discussion, etc.

Easy Steps to Chinese (Traditional Characters Version): Textbook 5 (with 1 MP3)

SKU: 9787561935804

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