This is the traditional Chinese characters version of Workbook 5 of Easy Steps to Chinese. The book has been designed based on the characteristics of non-Chinese middle school students in learning Chinese, and the exercises are closely related to the knowledge taught in Textbook 5. Compared with Workbooks 1-4, Workbook 5 intensifies the training in students’ text comprehension. In addition to the respective exercises for Lessons 1-15 in the textbook, 5 unit reviews and tests, and an alphabetically ordered list of new words, there is also a new type of exercises—Reading Comprehension. The reading materials cover a strictly controlled number of words that haven’t been learned by the students and have made breakthroughs in length and difficulty so as to give students a more comprehensive training in their reading ability and to develop their all-round language skills as well.

Easy Steps to Chinese (Traditional Characters Version): Workbook 5

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