The series Graded Readers for Chinese Language Learners is composed of 50 books, divided into three subseries, namely folktales, literary stories and historical stories, corresponding to Levels 1-3 respectively. 


Three Battles with the White Bone Demon tells that Xuanzang and his disciples met with White Bone Demon, who transformed herself into human beings three times to cheat Xuanzang, but she was identified and killed by Monkey King. Xuanzang thought Monkey King a murder and drove him away. Zhu Bajie the Pigsy and Monk Sha couldn't defeat the evil and had to ask Monkey King back. Monkey King came and rescued his Master.


Later, they met with Red Boy, a demon who was able to breathe out fire. Monkey King came to Bodhisattva Guanyin for her help. Bodhisattva Guanyin subdued the Red Boy. 

Graded Readers for Chinese Language Learners-Journey to the West 3Skeleton Demon

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