Graded Readers for Chinese Language Learners (Level 3) Historical Stories 14: The Story of an Armchair Strategist


The series Graded Readers for Chinese Language Learners is composed of 50 books, divided into three subseries, namely folktales, literary stories and historical stories, corresponding to Levels 1-3 respectively. The rich and fun content and easy-to-understand language makes it easy for everyone, whether they are foreigners learning Chinese, children with parents of Chinese origin, ethnic minority students of the Chinese language, or even primary school students in China, to read this series. It enables the readers to gradually improve their Chinese reading skills and enhance their understanding of Chinese culture by reading and enjoying stories.

The subseries “Historical Stories” is composed of 20 books based on the history of the Spring and Autumn period and the Warring States period between 770 BC and 202 BC. On the basis of the historical records in Commentary of Zuo, Records of the Grand Historian, Discourses of the States, and Strategies of the Warring States, each book is given a number according to the chronological order, and readers can read the books in order.

The Story of an Armchair Strategist tells the story of Zhao Kuo, son of the famous general Zhao She of Kingdom Zhao in the Warring States Period, who, as the successor of the great general Lian Po, with only book knowledge and no war experience, was defeated by the Qin army, causing a death toll of 400,000.

Graded Readers for Chinese Language Learners (Level 3)14: An Armchair Strategist

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