This  is  a  collection  of  course  books  co-published  by Beijing Language and Culture University Press and CCTV, together with high fidelity DVD, which will also be telecast on  the  International  Channel  of  CCTV.  This  collection includes four series: Places of Interest and Scenery Series, History  and  Culture  Series,  Nationalities  and  Customs Series, and City Panorama Series. What we have published now is the Places of Interest and Scenery Series. It is set against famous places of interest and integrates various presenting forms such as interview, scenario  composing,  spot  photographing,  aiming  to help foreigners learn Chinese in a happy and relaxed way—thus achieving the goal of “learn Chinese happily, memorize new words easily”. Meanwhile students can enjoy beautiful scenery in China and develop a better understanding of Chinese culture.

Happy China - Leaning Chinese: SHENZHEN with 1DVD Author:

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