Integrated Chinese is an acclaimed Mandarin Chinese language course that delivers a cohesive system of print and digital resources for highly effective teaching and learning. First published in 1997 and now in its 4th Edition, it has become the leading Chinese language textbook series in the United States and beyond. 

In Volumes 3 and 4, both traditional and simplified characters are included on the same page.

This time-tested series has been fully revised to align with the needs of today’s learners: 

  • Grammar now includes exercises to consolidate the language forms just learned 
  • Language Practice across interpersonal, interpretive, and presentational activities
  • Get Real with Chinese uses realia to situate language learning in a real-life context
  • Chinese Chat models how language is used on social media
  • Characterize It! encourages students to approach the learning of characters analytically 
  • How About You? now includes visual cues to promote vocabulary expansion and retention
  • A Way with Words presents cognates to raise awareness of semantic interconnections
  • Compare & Contrast activities further enhance the updated Cultural Literacy resources
  • Lesson Wrap-Up includes context-based tasks to help assimilate and produce language
  • Keep It Flowing scaffolds development of continuous discourse in written and spoken forms
  • Interactive content provides a truly blended teaching and learning experience

Integrated Chinese Volumes 1 and 2 kept the core from the 3rd edition that everyone likes but added enhancements to update its Chinese language usage. In Volumes 3 and 4, changes were made to ensure a more gradual transition between each level.

Integrated Chinese, Textbook Volume 3, 4th Ed. (Hardcover)

SKU: 9781622911592

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