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It’ s My Book is a leveled guided reading book series for children in American K-5 education,with 13 levels and 30 volumes in each level. Themes for level 1-6 are individual, family, school, social studies, animals and plants, and nature, and those for level 7-13 are growth and development, humanity and social studies, knowledge and learning, literature and art, natural science, and social science, with 5 stories out of each theme, from 50 to 1200 characters according to the level.
Based on Chinese teaching practice for young children in America, It' s My Book creates its scientific and comprehensive reading levels by selecting vocabulary from Singapore' s literacy standards about Chinese Language for Primary Schools(1-7) and ACTFL reading proficiency standards, benchmarking Hanban International Curriculum for Chinese Language Education standard, and integrating teaching theory with immersion Chinese teaching practice, also with the principle established by the system of Spanish reading materials in the U.S. as a reference.
This teaching material uses the guided reading teaching method, and is equipped with excellent teaching methods for teachers and parents. These methods have a practical guiding significance, especially for teaching, since the process is very detailed and provides a good guiding for teachers.
The fairy tale stories are created by the Chinese professional author and the Chinese teachers.  The stories combined with the beautifully drawn pictures can peak the children's reading interests and their ability to master the level.
This set of books is the level 7. It contains 30 stories and each story is about 400 words.

It's My Book——Guided Reading in Chinese Level 7

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