Mandarin Hip Hop is a graded series of Chinese textbooks for English speakers. It consists of four levels with a total of 80 pieces of Action Songs, Bilingual Chants and Rhymes - an ideal learning companion for children of all ages. Features ◇From Action Songs, Bilingual Chants and Rhymes to oral skills. ◇Chinese, English and Pinyin are all cross presented for easy reference. ◇The static cartoons go together with the dynamic hip hop, adding great fun in learning. ◇Abundant fun memorization techniques greatly facilitate the learning of Chinese characters. Structure This series is divided into four levels, each of which includes Textbook, Activity Workbook and Chinese Character Builders. Book 1-3 are for primary school study. Book 4 is for the fifth or sixth year in primary school or secondary school study.

Mandarin Hip Hop vol.1 Textbook with 1CD

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