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Mid-Autumn Festival Culture Course is part of the Phoenix Tree Chinese Culture Course.


About Phoenix Tree Chinese Culture Course:

Chinese Cculture Course program, launched in 2018 by the Phoenix Tree Publishing, provides first-hand culture experience course for Chinese language learners and Chinese culture fans. Based on different Chinese traditional festivals, these courese introduce the history, stories, traditons, celebrations of Chinese traditional festivals. With the well-designed, multimedia teaching materials, students will not only learn the reading and writing of related Chinese characters, but also gain a deeper understanding about Chinese culture. 


About this course:

This courese is desgined for students to experience the Chinese traditional festival and cultivate their interest in Chinese culture. This course introduces the legend of Mid-Autumn Festival, such as Houyi shooting the suns, the Goddess Chang's fly to the moon, with cartoon videos and games. It will also teach the traditional and modern way to celebrate the festival in China. 


Students will learn to read and write the Chinese characters about Mid-Autumn Festival, and gain a deeper understanding about Mid-Autumn Festival and Chinese culture.


Teaching Materials included:

  • Curriculum map
  • Teaching PowerPoint
  • Teaching cartoons
  • Digital word cards
  • Class activities
  • Story-telling
  • Related songs 


Mid-Autumn Festival Culture Course

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