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New Concept Chinese is developed by the joint efforts of educators from China and America. This “localized textbook for oversea students” is the distillation of 15 years’ experience of Chinese teaching abroad. The book suits a wide range of students, from 4-year-old kids to high school students. It touches upon Chinese literature, geology, history, philosophy,  and  many  areas  relating  to  the  rich  Chinese  culture. Finishing  this  course,  the  students  would  have  a  good  mastery  of 2,500 Chinese characters and be able to pass AP test. This whole set of textbooks contains 24 volumes, intended for 10 years of learning.  Currently  BLCUP  is  planning  to  publish  the  first  16  volumes,  each including with a textbook, two exercise books, a set of character cards and a CD. The textbooks are full-color printed, beautifully decorated and rich in contents.

New Concept Chinese: Textbook 04 (with Workbooks and Word Cards)