Lower Advanced provides advanced comprehensive Chinese texts. The students step into the advanced stage in their Chinese study after learning this book.


This book mainly focuses on the advanced Chinese study and integrates Chinese culture with language study. It emphasizes the overall development of the listening, speaking, reading and writing skills. It consists of two volumes, each of which has 6 lessons. Every lesson includes seven parts: "Background Reading and Practice", "Text", "Word Explanation and Practice", "Grammar Explanation and Practice", "Rhetoric Guide and Practice", "Expression and Writing" and "Extended Space". The "Extended Space” part includes three components, "Master’s Collections, "Media Resource" and "Follow-up of the Words" to help students further extend the topic.


This is the first volume of Lower Advanced. Its contents include "Appearance and Ethos of Beijing", "Generation Relationship", "Beautiful Peony", "Scholars’ Remarks about Tea", "Go beyond Ordinary", "Qin Dynasty Terra Cotta Warriors and Horses" etc. The students can learn over 400 new words, 24 key words, 24 sets of synonym discriminations, 6 compound sentence structures and 6 rhetoric methods after learning this book.


An accompanying CD has all the recording of the texts.

Road to Success: Lower Advanced vol.1

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