This book brings together a broad range of curriculum and instructional designs for Chinese language teachers, both novice and veteran. The volume features theme-based curriculum and student-centered instruction. It consists of eight themes with seventeen designs/chapters written by fourteen classroom educators. All the designs have been field-tested and further improved based on students' feedback and teachers' reflections. The volume collects best practices to meet the demand from Chinese language instructors today, and projects the future of a field that is facing myriad opportunities and diverse challenges. The volume is state-of-the-art in terms of the theoretical framework upon which the designs are built, the current research-based instruction, and teacher training literature for concept-building and instructional creativity. Most of the authors are leaders in the field, directing their Chinese or world language programs and/or serving on state or national boards on teaching Chinese as a second language (CSL) in the United States.

Teaching Chinese as a Second Language: Curriculum Design & Instruction

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