Based on the classic piece of Chinese literature, Romance of the Three Kingdoms, this series
painstakingly selected and rewrote several well-known stories into easily read classic tales
with graphic illustrations. It showcases Chinese history, values, and intricate political and
military strategies and demonstrates the interweaving of the POWER, STRATEGY, and
LOYALTY. Each story is paired with a calligraphy section. This series can be used as
supplemental reading materials in the classroom.


The tale is told in ancient China of three warriors who became as brothers until their last breath. Out of the classic text this story is retold in English, with cultural notes, and with beautiful calligraphy and sounded out Chinese. For those looking for beautiful book that is off the beaten path and would perhaps be looking for a gift, this beautifully bound title is well worth your consideration.

The Peach Garden Oath

SKU: 9781734020502

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