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Job Title:   Market Research Analyst
Job ID#:     MRA0622
Employer: Phoenix Tree Publishing Inc
Worksite:  5660 North Jersey Avenue, Chicago, IL 60659


  • Analyze marketing strategies and campaign measurement for the foreign language education market;

  • Lead research on K-16 foreign language demands through survey tools to drive marketing strategies;

  • Assess current products’ performances for immersion programs in global markets through sales database;

  • Direct digital marketing projects with setting optimized KPI and ROI to maintain social media;

  • Analyze consumer segments from the membership database for product development and initialize Geographic Information System (GIS) for the market report using Pivot Table functions;

  • Use Pivot Table functions to manipulate, clean, and sort data across platforms to target the potential customers depending on engagement patterns and market trends;

  • Research on pedagogies and transfer the results to quantitative data to direct new publication launch;

  • Analyze the effectiveness of academic exhibition and online marketing activities;

  • Track website traffic and conversion rate; contribute SEO through Google Analytics to increase sales.


  • Master’s Degree in Marketing analytics or closely related field.

  • Proficient in PivotTable.

To apply, mail CV with Job ID#: MRA0622 to Wanchao Chen, 5660 North Jersey Avenue, Chicago, IL 60659

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