This is Volume Two of Business Chinese Conversation (Elementary), including one textbook and two recording MP3.

Suitable for Chinese beginners or learners at the elementary level, the series centers on the daily business life and provides rich and practical content. Altogether there are 24 lessons. Two lessons as a session, it divides the daily business life into multiple layers, for each of which two texts are provided to help the learners understand and express their thoughts. It adopts the approach of combining classroom learning and practice outside class. After students finish learning of two texts in "Inside Class" and "Outside Class", they will master the daily language of one layer of the business life.Attached are the English translation of the texts to help learners gain a better understanding and proficient use of Chinese language.

The lively teaching style triggers the students' interest, involves them into the active learning, and helps them to master the spoken business Chinese within a short period of time. Upon finishing this volume, students will master Chinese phonetics, and 12 daily phrases in economic situations.

Business Chinese Conversation vol.2 [Elementary] - Textbook with 2CDs (2007)

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