This product is in the same series with China’s World Heritages (Hardcover Version), composed of 10 high-definition DVDs and one color-printed book. It includes 60 carefully selected intangible cultural heritages of China, which are divided into 10 categories, i.e. 10 units. Each unit has around 6 cultural items and an independent piece of writing is devoted to each cultural item. 
Each of the 60 episodes introduces one item of China’s intangible cultural heritage, lasting about 8 minutes. Narrations and subtitles are provided in both Chinese and English for you to choose at will. With a wide use of modern photographing methods, the videos fully reflect the artistic appeal of the cultural items, making it a pleasure to watch them. 
The accompanying book, printed in color, includes texts in both Chinese and English, supplemented by over 400 beautiful pictures and more than 100 tips. It focuses on presenting the spiritual world of the Chinese people to the foreigners while highlighting the glamour of the Oriental culture and art. 

China's Intangible Cultural Heritage

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