Developing Chinese (2nd Edition) is a set of nationally planned textbook for higher education during the “Eleventh Five-Year”. Based on the well-designed structure of the first edition, this edition adds more elements in tune with the times. It includes 28 volumes with altogether 34 books. 


The Advanced Comprehensive Course (Ⅰ) , following the Intermediate Comprehensive Course (Ⅱ), is suitable for learners who have finished learning the Intermediate Comprehensive Course (Ⅱ) or other textbooks at the same level and mastered basic or intermediate Chinese grammar as well as 3,500-4,000 common words and who can exchange ideas with others on common topics and are capable of general narrative, expositive and argumentative expression. In the selection of texts, the diversity of language styles and registers are stressed, the cultural insights and connotations are paid attention to, and the study of written language is emphasized. In addition, the format of the book is designed based on the concepts of facilitating users and serving education so that the listening, speaking, reading and writing skills of learners at the advanced level can be improved simultaneously.

Developing Chinese (2nd Edition) Advanced Comprehensive Course Ⅰ

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