Comments from students who have used this textbook - From an anonymous survey ◇It was organized very well; You provided good explanations of the Pinyin sounds. I think it made a great foundation for introducing Chinese characters. ◇I do like the book because it showed graphs of the vocal organ which were very helpful and I liked the way it separated the sounds. ◇I think it is a good way to start out introducing the sounds in Chinese, at a nice pace. ◇Yes, I like the explanations of where the tongue and mouth positions in vocal organ should be to make the sounds as well as the practice of poems and tongue twisters. ◇I liked it. It explained how to pronounce the initial consonants and simple or compound vowels in a way I understood. ◇It is easy to follow the purpose that we need to get from the class. ◇It was a great introduction of Chinese for the beginners and it helped out a lot, especially with the supporting CD and the workbook.

Introduction to Standard Chinese Pinyin System - Textbook and Workbook with 2 CD

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