Since its publication, New Practical Chinese Reader (Annotated in Spanish) has been well-received among teachers and students. This is Textbook 4 in the series, including altogether 12 lessons (Lesson 39-Lesson 50). Each lesson is composed of texts, new words, notes, drills and practice, reading comprehension and paraphrasing, grammar, and cultural note, etc. The book centers around a few international students, telling interesting stories about their life and friendship in China and introducing some real-life conventions concerning Chinese expression and comprehension. At the end of the book is the traditional character version of the texts, a word index and a character index. The new words and grammar notes are explained in Spanish, and the instructions of the exercises are also provided with Spanish translation. This book is designed for learning at the elementary or intermediate level. The MP3 file includes the recording of texts, new words, key sentences and conversation practices, etc.

New Practical Chinese Reader (Spanish Annotation) Textbook vol.4

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