As an intermediate-level textbook in the progressive Chinese textbook series Road to Success, Lower Intermediate Listening and Speaking ushers students into the intermediate stage of learning Chinese. 
This book combines language skills with social culture and integrates the authors’ successful teaching experience, teaching patterns and research findings, making the content and form of teaching richer and more standard. 

Each lesson is composed of three sections, namely “Listen”, “Learn” and “Say”. Each section is supported by exercises to immediately and effectively strengthen students’ memory of the expressions, new words and idioms in the section and to improve their learning efficiency. 

This book is rich in content, centering around popular topics like travel, seeing a doctor, career, marriage, family and social life, etc., enabling students to learn about the current conditions of China and the ideas and life of contemporary Chinese people while learning the Chinese language.

The book includes an MP3 disk with the recordings of the new words, idioms and texts in it and is supplemented by a free volume of recording script and answer key for students to refer to any time they want to.

Road to Success: Lower Intermediate - Listening and Speaking (with script)

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