World Heritage sites are rare irreplaceable assets to mankind confirmed by UNESCO. The 37 world heritage sites in China belong not only to China, but also to the whole world. 

This product focuses on the abundant and precious cultural heritage in China and explains the unique and typical Chinese cultural phenomena. The readers get to appreciate the attractive cultural landscapes in China which follows the course of nature and merge into nature and crack the ancient mysteries in Chinese culture. It serves as a bridge to the understanding of Chinese culture and the spiritual world of Chinese people.

This product contains altogether 8 DVDs, 1 color book and 37 exquisite bookmarks. The DVDs have altogether 37 episodes and each introduces one world heritage site in China with narrations and captions both in Chinese and English. The videos are beautifully shot and accompanied with pleasant music. The book gives detailed explanation of Chinese culture both in Chinese and English

China's World Heritage (with 8 DVDs)

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