This series of books has been compiled with reference to the US Standards for Foreign Language Learning in the 21st Century, selecting 8 topics that best represent Chinese culture involving festivals, conventions, arts, etc., and topics that reflect Chinese people’s attitudes, opinions and values through the presentation of various cultural custom and artifacts. Within, the section titled “A Few Remarks” records both Chinese and foreigners’ understandings and comments regarding the same cultural phenomenon, thus helping readers to comprehend the close relationship between cultural customs and artifacts with cultural concepts using multi-dimensional perspectives; “Additional Information” introduces similar cultural phenomenon that originate from different foreign lands, thus providing readers with materials to understand diversified cultures in different countries during different times and also to broaden their vision of intercultural communication. This series of books is a valuable primer for Chinese culture, serving as a useful Chinese learning material for Chinese learners and any interested individuals. It also has a DVD available for readers to choose.

Exploring Chinese Culture - A Chinese Reader Ⅱ (English Edition)

SKU: 9787561936795

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