A Series of Learning Chinese Idioms Idioms in Daily Life includes three volumes, respectively are Volume 1 Emotions & Marriage,Volume 2 Occupation & Study,and Volume 3. Scenery & Appearance.

This is the first volume, including 100 idioms, which are semantically divided into two categories: emotions and marriage. Each category is sub-divided into many sub-categories, for instance, the category of “emotions” includes idioms describing happiness, sadness, regrets, surprise, etc.; the category of “marriage” includes idioms describing love, conjugal love, marriage life, etc.

The idioms in the book are annotated by pinyin, explanations and translations, with some provided with illustrations. A phonetic index is attached at the back of the book. A CD of MP3 file with the recording of the sample sentences is also attached.

Idioms in Daily Life 1 - Emotions & Marriage

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