Talk About China in Chinese—Papers Selected from the First Seminar of American College Students Talking about China is a selection of Chinese papers presented by the First Seminar of American College Students Talking about China and Recitation of Literary Works, which was co-hosted by Hanban and Harvard Beijing Academy and held in Beijing Language and Culture University on August 7, 2005. The selection is divided into 7 parts: economy and business; politics and society; history and traditions; education and health; review on literature, art and architecture; creative writing(proses and essays) and creative writing(novels and stories), with altogether more than 40 papers. The authors, mostly undergraduate and postgraduate students in some renown universities of USA, have written these papers from their own perspectives on the basis of their researches and thinking about what they saw and heard during their summer vacation in China. The book reflects the American students’ ways of thinking, their opinions on issues in China, and of course, their Chinese language proficiency.

Talk About China in Chinese

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